Ikon Valve Guide

In an internal combustion engine, valve guides are inserts that fit into the opening where valve stems travel. The guides are made from a stronger material than the motor block is made from. These guides prevent the valves from “fluttering” as the engine is running at operating speeds, or especially at high speeds. For manufacturing of Valve Guide we use High Grade Casting Material only.

Ikon Engine Valves products are easy to fix, time saving while fixing it in the engine because our manufacturing unit is working on 100% precision of the product. Hence during fitting time is saved in rime-ring and centering, seat cutting process. Hassle free Fitting is assured in any product of Ikon Engine Valves. We provide finish size as per the stem die hence rime-ring process is not required while fitting the product. We maintain Bore Runnout within the exact parameters hence head seat cutting process can be skipped and time – energy could be saved.