Ikon Engine Valve

We manufacture wide range of valves for all type of 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers, you name it we have it. We are using Valve Steel EN 52 SUH3, SUH11, 21-4N, 21-12N material in production of Engine Valves. Our product has undergone Forging, Turning, Grinding and Heat Treatment. This makes it more durable than any product in the market. We provide oversized stem diameter which helps while fitting, so the engineer doesn’t have to replace valve guide. This saves cost and time in the fitting. We assure that among 1000 sets there will be not a single set which has to be replaced or quality complains WILL NOT COME. We are strictly following OEM Standard. We offer the most reasonable price without sacrificing the quality.

Ikon Engine Valves products are easy to fix, time saving while fixing it in the engine because of 100% precision in our products.